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Clock in with Confidence: Timesheet 365 Brings Precision to Your Projects


Now Timesheet 365 App is Available on Microsoft Teams

Project and Task Management

This feature integrates project and task management within the timesheet framework. Users can effortlessly assign, track, and manage tasks, streamlining the process and ensuring that every minute is accounted for and attributed to the right project.

Efficient Time Tracking

Timesheet 365 records the time spent on each project and task, eliminating the inaccuracies of excel sheet entries. Understanding that different businesses have varied needs, Timesheet 365 offers highly customizable time entry options. Users can log their work hours using start/end times, daily time tracking, and weekly time tracking, allowing the system to adapt to diverse working styles and business demands.

Real-Time Reporting

With its real-time reporting feature, Timesheet 365 provides immediate insights into time allocation, project progress, and resource utilization. This feature enables managers and teams to make data-driven decisions, ensuring efficient management of time and resources.

Mobile Accessibility

Recognizing the need for flexibility in today’s dynamic work environment, Timesheet 365 offers full mobile accessibility. This feature allows employees to submit and approve timesheets from anywhere, catering to the needs of remote and on-the-go workforces.

Leave and Absence Tracking

Timesheet 365 goes beyond just tracking work hours. It includes a comprehensive system for managing leaves and absences. This integration ensures that all aspects of time – be it working hours or time off – are tracked and managed within a single, unified system.

Billing and Invoice Integration

Linking time tracking with billing and Invoice modules, Timesheet 365 simplifies the invoicing process. This integration ensures that billing is accurate, transparent, and directly tied to the work done, enhancing financial efficiency and accountability.

Approval Workflow Customization

The system supports customizable approval workflows, enabling businesses to tailor the approval process to fit their specific organizational structure and hierarchy. This flexibility ensures that the timesheet approval process aligns perfectly with internal processes.

Data Security and Compliance

In today’s world, data security is paramount. Timesheet 365 upholds the highest standards of data security and compliance, particularly within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. This commitment to security means that sensitive time and project data are always protected & stays within your office 365 tenant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An employee can get his task details in My Task tab.

Go to Home page.

Select My Tasks tab.

Choose a task by selecting the checkbox for which you want to track the time and click on Track Time once you start the task. This task would be added in Daily


Once you finish working on the task, click on Stop button. Total time worked on that task will be calculated and displayed.

Yes, you can install multiple instances of the application as long as it is in one Microsoft 365 tenant and total number of users of all the instances installed remain within the user limit as per your plan or license you purchased.

Go to Home page.

Select Timesheet tab. Under that select Weekly Timesheet.

Select the week for which you want to add your projects & task details and click on Add button.

Select the Project, Task and Activity Type from the dropdown list and fill the time spent on a particular task for a selected week, which will automatically calculate

the Total hours spent.

Yes, you can clone previous week’s timesheet to the new timesheet if you have worked on the same project & task.

Go to Home page.

Select Timesheets tab.

Choose Clone Weekly Timesheet tab and then click on Clone button.

Project will be added to your Weekly timesheet.

You can mention the time spent for a particular task on each day of the week and click on Submit button.

Go to Home page.

Select the Task tab.

Once the pop-up opens, choose the Project, and enter the Task Name for the respective project.

Then click on submit button. This task would be added into the task list which will fetch while entering your daily timesheet.

Go to Reports tab and in the drop-down, select My Teams tab.

Select the Team members tab. Here you can check your team members and their projects they are working on.

Select the Assign Task tab.

Once the pop-up opens, select the project name and task name and choose a person to whom you want to assign to and click on Submit.

Select the Approval tab. Choose any one from the Daily or Weekly timesheet tab.

Select a particular day or a week containing project and task details of the employee and click on Approve or Reject button.

No, only Admin has the right to access it.

Go to Administrator tab, select Project.

Once pop-up opens, fill all relevant details and Submit it.

Go to Settings, Select Organisation tab.

Once the pop-up opens, fill-in your organisation details and can add different branch locations also here.

After logging into application, please click on Settings tab on the side-navigation.

In Settings, choose the Pre-defined Themes or you can define your Custom-Themes.

Go to Administrator tab, select Clients.

Once pop-up opens, click on Add button.

You can fill all the client details, and their contact details. If they have documents, you can also attach it.

Once done, you can click on submit button.

A Project Observer can view all aspects of a Project. Observers cannot make any changes to the project. Project Observer is a read-only role.

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