Skype for Business Lync

Skype for Business Lync Server gives your office multiple communication systems in one: telephone system, Web conferencing (with video), Instant Messaging (IM), Presence status updates, even secure chat rooms.

With customers on both sides of the cloud, Microsoft is able to take tried and true technologies, which have been tested and proven, and deliver them to all their customers. Technology such as: simplified architecture, improved reliability, new outlook web experience, greater extensibility, faster and more intuitive search, enhanced data loss prevention (DLP), faster and more scalable eDiscovery, auto-expanding archives, hybrid improvements, just to name the big ones.

The Next Version of Lync: Skype for Business Lync’ Feature Set

Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011. Then they combined it with Lync Server 2013 to create a complete communications system.The power of Lync. Skype’s ease of use. In one enterprise-grade VoIP product.
Lync Server 2013’s original feature set includes:

  • Instant Messaging (IM)
  • Presence (see co-workers’ status at a glance)
  • Video Conferencing
  • Online Meetings
  • Telephone calls, internally and externally
  • Chat Rooms
  • Voicemail
  • Calling Trees & IVR
  • Integration with Outlook & SharePoint
Now as Skype for Business Lync, Microsoft has added to the list:
  • A new Skype-like client
  • Integration with the Skype Directory (enabling you to call & chat with 300 million Skype users worldwide)
  • Stronger integration into all Office products, including Office 365
  • Calling features: the Call Monitor tool familiar to many Skype users, and “Call Via Work” for connecting calls out through the office phone 
The Benefits of Using Skype for Business Lync 2015

Work better together using Skype for Business Lync. Its multiple communication options give you everything you need for day-to-day conversations.

  • Talk with your co-workers and customers however you want: On the telephone, through a video conference, a dedicated chat room…even through Skype.
  • Save on expensive telecom contracts. Build the phone system within your office using Skype for Business Lync Enterprise Voice. No huge PBX needed.
  • Use any communication tool you prefer at the time – meetings, phone calls, IM, chat.
  • No need for third-party conferencing software anymore.
  • Run Skype for Business Lync on-site, or in a Cubic Logics Private Cloud for a smaller footprint & lower operating cost.

Need a quick answer from a co-worker? Check whether they’re at their desk or on the move—then catch them wherever they are.

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