IT Help desk:

Sharepoint helpdesk / Office 365 help desk  :

SharePoint helpdesk / Office 365 Help Desk Plus   plus is easy to use, covers almost every aspect of organization’s help desk using Office 365’s SharePoint online SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2013.

Automated help desk is mandatory facility to be provided to employees & clients in today’s world. Help desk service ensures that all the issues are tracked and marked as knowledge base for future reference wherever applicable. SharePoint helpdesk app / Office 365 helpdesk app has mostly used help desk features of opening and resolving tickets through a user and help desk technician interactions. User Profile, again will be used from Employee Directory list. KPI will be available to ensure that Helpdesk plus managers can review the technician performance and take corrective measures to improve the productivity. Office 365 helpdesk plus / SharePoint helpdesk system ease out operations of IT, HR and other departments.

Key features of Help-desk Plus:

• Use helpdesk to respond to customers & employees, IT, HR, Finance, Administration and Facility request.
• Customization of fields to suit any organization’s needs & map existing processes
• Controlled permissions – users, support teams, administration
• Route requests to selected support teams.
• Open ticket using web, email and support team
• Assign tickets automatically or manually.
• Ticket response time expiry alerts.
• Ticket escalation to another team member
• Email notification for all of selected actions
• Add attachments from email and web portal
• Survey email post closure of ticket.
• Insight of performance using reports
• Fully secure as data stay either in Office365 or client’s on perm servers.

To know more about these Office 365 Apps, please visit any of the following application information pages

SharePoint Asset Management
Accurate asset tracking saves time, money and effort. Cubic’s Asset Tracking for SharePoint / Office 365 delivers an efficient solution.

SharePoint Employee Directory
Employee Directory app / add ins displays information about employee in the organization in visually manner and allows you to find any user in just few seconds, with various filters to select, departments, skills, Job title, manager, location, etc.

SharePoint Resource Booking
Resource booking is one of the great office 365 apps which provides you the booking feature for shared resources i.e. conference rooms, meeting rooms, projectors, cabs, guest house rooms, etc.

SharePoint Expense Reimbursement
Expense Reimbursement Application is a SharePoint / Office 365 based employee expense reporting system that completely streamlines the entire expense report life cycle.

SharePoint Leave Management System
Cubic’s leave management solution on cloud is a highly configurable and can address leave management needs of any organisation, be it small or big.

SharePoint Meeting Workspace
Microsoft decided to deprecate Meeting Workspaces in SharePoint 2013. These handy site templates are still widely used in SharePoint 2010 (SP2010).With various requests from clients, Cubic decided to create the same experience in Office 365 as Office 365 apps, SharePoint 2016 & SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint Document Management
Office 365 document management system enables HR to go paperless with full life cycle of all of your employees from the time of onboarding to the time of offboarding and later for any compliance needs.

SharePoint Employee On-boarding
Cubic On-boarding experience leads to pleasure experience for new joinee as well as no burden on HR team. With the help of Cubic On-boarding App, there is no more paper work, employees integrate into their teams quicker, and HR teams can focus on the people coming on board rather than working on multiple tasks.

SharePoint Payroll Management
Payroll management is a crucial function of any successful organization. Due to a large number of calculations and statutory compliance requirements, payroll needs to be managed efficiently to keep the employee satisfaction high as well as senior management stress free.