SharePoint Custom App Development

SharePoint custom app development solutions allow businesses to create software that is tailor-fit to meet their specific business needs. Microsoft technology offers enhanced features that include heightened security, more flexibility, and faster deployment. ASP.NET & Microsoft SharePoint custom app development has a much higher return on investment (ROI) for businesses since it offers faster results in conjunction with solutions that can improve business processes involving productivity, reporting, web development, and other collaboration projects. SharePoint custom app development solutions are a great way to cut costs and increase revenue through creating specific solutions that can create more accurate reporting or even create discoveries. Gain insight into data that can lead to new revenue streams through custom reporting, or improve workflows and communication to improve productivity. Using .NET & Microsoft SharePoint best practices, businesses can achieve faster and more streamlined results in a multitude of areas, including: Automated business processes, Streamline workflows,Integrated solutions for legacy software,Web-based applications,Advanced reporting solution applications, Better application scalability Integration with other cloud solutions

We at Cubic, have developed various custom solutions, and has a library of templates, web parts, solutions, and CSS and so can develop a custom application for your unique needs in days rather than weeks.

In today’s business environment, it no longer makes sense to spend valuable time and money building software products from the ground up. That’s why we use SharePoint as a platform – it’s web-based, natively supports business automation and workflow, enterprise search, and a sophisticated security model that satisfies even the most complex requirements. Here are few of the examples of custom business applications.

Data collections from vendors, clients, external resources. Cubic has expertise of collecting data from external resources and storing it further to connect other SharePoint business applications.

Workflows & custom notifications to Internal & External users: Cubic helps in streamlining various workflows along with email notifications for the defined triggers.

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