SharePoint Branding

Don’t compromise your brand on your SharePoint Intranet or SharePoint Website when Cubic team is an expert in SharePoint branding and design. Whether on SharePoint 2016, 2013, 2010, SharePoint online or Office 365, we can deliver exceptional visual interfaces to make your brand shine on SharePoint.

SharePoint Intranet & Website Design for Better User Experience & Adoption

When SharePoint is one of your central internal applications that you want people to use on a daily basis, it’s really important that they can interact with a vibrant, branded digital environment that will make them want to engage and adopt the solution. Whether applying your brand to a SharePoint website or designing for SharePoint Intranets, SharePoint 2016, 2013 & 2010 SharePoint online or Office 365 has its own intricacies. Whilst out-of-the-box SharePoint provides form and functionality you need to increase business productivity, we believe a great user experience is key to increasing SharePoint user adoption. We use User Centric techniques in all our SharePoint Branding. It’s easy to create a beautiful looking site and forget about the reason you are creating it; UC not only analyses how users are likely to use an interface, but also tests the validity of their assumptions through usability testing.

Intranet solutions improve knowledge acceleration and sharing, provide robust document management, streamline business workflow, foster corporate culture, and provide dashboards and reports for performance measurement. Extranets can provide “self-service” functions to external users which reduce administrative burdens and increase the satisfaction of the outside constituents.

Best-in-Class User Experience and SharePoint Branding

With our SharePoint Branding we create a winning user experience involves much more than visual design. Other critical aspects include:

  • SharePoint Branding: Adding design element of organization brand, styles and other similar aspects to SharePoint
  • Interface design: Design of the SharePoint user interface elements to facilitate user interaction with website functionality
  • Responsive Design: Responsiveness help in having flawless SharePoint user interface on different devices like laptops, desktops, tablet and phone with good visibility and alignment.
  • Information Architecture: The structural design of the SharePoint information space
  • Navigation Design: The interface elements that facilitate the user’s movement through the information architecture
  • Interaction Design: The design and development of functional flows that facilitate user tasks in SharePoint designs

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