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PowerApps, Cubic helps in building business apps you need quickly & customize the current apps which restrict your business ideas. Microsoft powerapps is an enterprise service for innovators everywhere to connect, create and share business apps with your team on any device in minutes. And Microsoft powerapps helps anyone in your organization unlock new business quality.

Quickly create apps that work on any device using a Microsoft Office-like experience, templates to get started quickly and a visual designer to automate workflows. Use built-in connections, or ones built by you for company, to connect PowerApps to cloud services such as Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Dropbox and OneDrive and on-premises systems including SharePoint, SQL Server, Oracle databases, SAP and more. Share PowerApps like documents. It’s as simple as typing an email address and your coworkers can take advantage of an app you created.

PowerApps includes Azure App Service for employee-facing apps, so native web and mobile apps get into employee hands faster than ever. Build additional data connections and APIs to any existing business systems, thus empowering any users in your organization to create the apps they need. Data security and privacy controls are respected by PowerApps, so you can manage data access and maintain corporate policies. Data is at the core of every app. Power apps make it easy to get your data into apps with more than 200 connectors for many popular cloud services and even your on-premises data.

Microsoft Powerapps

Since its launch in late 2017, many prominent customers & partners have adapted power apps including as Toro, Bose, Metro Bank and eBecs and a lot more on the way. Customers have built solutions ranging from a recruiting app for an internal team to a mobile app for banking employees that connects to their CRM data. And customers are realizing the impact of PowerApps on their business
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