Document Management System

HR365 Document Management system enables HR to go paperless with full life cycle of all of your employees from the time of onboarding to the time of offboarding and later for any compliance needs. Further more you can bring all of your existing data to one central place be it emails, PDF, word, excel or any other format.

Centralize HR Repository

Centralize HR Repository of all the employee’s HR documents from multiple sources, including paper, existing emails, excel sheets, word or PDF file, All of your documents will be in one secure place, and you can access them at securely with all the latest security standards set by Microsoft’s Office 365.

Enhance HR Productivity

HR365 enhances productivity of HR team and hiring managers with ease of sorting and searching for documents, as well as routing documents for review, signature and acknowledgement.

Document Security and Confidentiality

Ensure documents are safe from natural disaster, theft, and other threats. Quickly know which documents you have, which are missing, and which are no longer needed. Also know who has access to what; and who stored, moved, shared, or deleted documents.

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